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Helping you stand out in your market is crucial for your success. Having the exact same offer as the biggest competitors in your market is not going to help you rather make you blend in with everyone.

When you join our program, one of our biggest priorities is Crafting a Market DominationOffer and making it absolutely Irresistible to these sellers as well as making it absolutely Unreasonable for the sellers not to work with you.

Market Domination Campaign

This is our Flagship service. During these 90 days, we step in and totally transform your advertising efforts. Within 7 days of the start of our collaboration, your advertisements are displayed.

Working as a team with our paid advertising and content specialists ensures that the right message is sent to the right audience. We work in parallel on the strategy and we make sure that everything is optimized in order to have a lucrative campaign.

If we decide to work with you, it is only because we sincerely believe that we can be successful and achieve the exact results that you wish.

Live Sales Agents

Great! So we've generated a lead, so what's next? Well, our team of trained rockstar sales agents who have extensive experience in the Real Estate Investing industry will call the leads within 30 seconds of them coming in to ensure that we are contacting them while they are still a hot lead. We will even follow-up with the lead for the next 15 days in order to qualify and convert that into a deal for you!

As soon as our Rockstar Sales Agents are able to get into contact with the lead, they get straight to qualifying their lead with our 4-Pillar Qualification Process.

After The last and final step of this pillar is to hand them off to you to close them. We will work around your schedule and availability. With that being said, we will always try to attempt a Live Transfer, if that is unsuccessful, our Sales Agents will Book an Appointment with them on your Calendar.

nurture campaigns

Now that you have either spoken directly to the motivated seller one or two things can happen. You are either proceeding to close the deal and things are pending or the seller needs to sort some things our with their family to sort things out before handing you over the keys. Either way, our nurture campaigns are made up of emails and text messages in order to make sure that you are always in touch with them so they are sure to never reach out to your competitors.

We deploy a two-way touchpoint to these distressed and motivated sellers in order to ensure that there is a real and genuine conversation. You can even step in whenever you like. This means no spam emails or text messages, instead proven sequences that will convert sellers into deals.

Our proven and battle-tested campaigns will run anywhere from 2-12 months in order to ensure that every contact is nurtured and a relationship is built. This is how we are able to acquire referrals from sellers that may not even work with us. This is how we strive to make you the authority and number one homebuyer in your market.

                          Services We Offer

Funnel Buildout

Our team of Funnel Designers who have extensive experience in Funnel and Landing Page Development will meticulously design your funnel and pair it with your message in order to attract the most qualified leads and convert them into qualified sellers on autopilot.

Paid Traffic Campaigns

This is where our team of expert team of Media Buyers will take the time to research and testing on your market to ensure that you are acquiring the most quality the market has to offer.

Hyper Branding 

We will work with you and your business to effectively develop a unique message in order to help you stand out in your market against competitors, have sellers coming to you organically and make you the authority in your target market. 

Have concerns or doubts?

Here are a few FAQs that you might want answers to

How is Bolt Deals different from Other Real Estate Marketing Agencies?

Our team has a tremendous amount of background and experience in real estate, top players in the industry and a proven track record and system that is working for our investors all over the country. Now is your time to leave all of the overpriced and ineffective real estate marketing solutions.

Can I pay when the Deals closed?

Real Estate referral companies have been one of the most ineffective strategies out there. You the investor put your blood, sweat, and tears to close these real estate deals, so why should you have to give up 40-60% of the fee just to try and close more deals? Bolt Deals presents a better opportunity and an investment structure. At the end of the day, our goal is to put more checks in your pockets and save you a tremendous amount of your time in the process.

How can I ensure that this will work for me in my market?

Simple, by booking a call with us, a performance guarantee, committed support infrastructure, and 1-1 support, we basically hand-hold you through the entire process, and provide you with exclusivity in your market. We get you RESULTS, Guaranteed.

How do I know if my area is available?

Click the button below to ‘Claim your Market’ and Book a Call with one of our Growth Advisors. If your area is not available, we will personally reach out and let you know, or cancel the call, if it is available, we will walk you through our entire system on the call.

How Quickly does it Take to get Leads?

After claiming your area on the Growth Session, our team of A-players will build and launch your entire system within our 5-7 day System Buildout phase and Leads should be coming in within the next few days. Speed and Precision are our core values.

Get Results Or Don't Pay With Our 10-15+ Appointments In 90 Days Guaranteed!